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Digital platform for privacy protection and prevention of misuse of managing personal data lifecycle – AIPD2

The project is co-financed by the European Union within the European Structural and Investment (ESI) funds.

Project name: Digital platform for protecting privacy and preventing abuse by managing the life cycle of personal data – AIPD2

Brief description of the project: In cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, the company Legit Software, through the implementation of the project ” Digital platform for privacy protection and prevention of misuse of managing personal data lifecycle- AIPD2″, will research the latest technologies in the field of privacy protection, and develop a software platform for the classification of personal data and their controlled removal.

The goal of the project: The goal of the project is to innovate, solve currently unaddressed problems, and develop an innovative product in the field of personal data protection by application. The research will be conducted with two separate teams. The first team will explore the application of machine learning to classify personal data and connect contexts, with the ultimate goal of developing a software platform that discovers, classifies, and connects personal data. While the other team will investigate the security aspect of the platform, namely the optimization of the search for encrypted data and the minimization of the risk of breach of personal data stored in the cloud. After the research phase, we will develop a final software product that will enable organizations that process personal data to efficiently manage the lifecycle of personal data, with an emphasis on timely and controlled removal of personal data. The final product will be a solution to several technical problems in the field of harmonizing organizations with data protection regulations that are difficult or unsolvable today.

Expected project results:

  • The technology of precise personal data classification
  • The technology of safe storage of personal data that enables fast search and retrieval of data
  • A software platform for managing the lifecycle of personal data and the functionalities of classifying and removing personal data

Total value of the project: HRK 22,976,222.40

Amount co-financed by the EU: HRK 14,549,862.72

Project implementation period: August 2020 – August 2023.

Contact person: Marijan Bračić,

For more information:

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