Legit is now a part of the Cyber Runway Accelerator


We are expanding our network and taking significant steps toward positioning Legit as one of the world’s leaders in privacy protection. That’s why we joined the Cyber Runway Accelerator in the UK, where we also recently opened the doors to our new office.

Cyber Runway is the innovation fast-track for entrepreneurs, startups, and scaleups. It facilitates them to make connections, launch their services and products, and help high-growth startups blast away any barriers to growth nationally and around the world.

Now in its second year, Cyber Runway is the largest government-backed cyber startup accelerator in the UK.

Plexal is delivering it in partnership with Deloitte and the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) and it’s funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

We’re excited to be among 35 cyber startups, SMEs, and scaleups joining the Scale streams of the Cyber Runway accelerator.

During the Cyber Runway program, we will be a part of Scale Cohort 2 along with Armour Comms, Asceris, BIT Group, Blackwire, Block Armour, CyberCyte, Goldilock Secure, HiddenApp, Liverton Security, Netacea, Noetic Cyber, North Star Cyber Security, Positka, Quantum Dice, RiskXchange, Securious, Seedata.io, Telicent, WCKD RZR, and Worldr.

The accelerator successfully forges connections between industry, academia, investors, startups, and scaleups and has supported an impressive number of fast-growing startups and scaleups that dream big.

We are looking forward to creating international partnerships and alliances to successfully pilot, grow, and position ourselves on the road we envisioned with the support of the Cyber Runway.

For the past 12 weeks, Legit has been a part of an InnovX Accelerator - one of the most ambitious hubs for entrepreneurial innovation in Central and Eastern Europe that engages all core team members and creates opportunities for innovative businesses to engage with investors.
As one of the finalists of the InnovX- BCR's Scaleups group, we had a unique opportunity to present our business idea to the BCR jury in only 60 seconds inside an elevator as a part of a live experience!
On October 13, 2022, our CEO Marijan Bračić will be presenting Data Privacy Manager- our comprehensive privacy software platform, to investors and the entrepreneurial community as a part of CroAI startup pitch at the AI2Future conference. 
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